Lucid Intervals are a band of five college professors playing classic rock and other tunes. We’ve been around for a few years, playing mostly at volunteer events locally.

Richard F. Crane | History | drums and guitar

From the South Meriden (Connecticut) Fife and Drum Corps, to the O. H. Platt High School Band, to Lucid Intervals, Richard has spent most of his life trying to find an acceptable outlet for an annoying habit. He drums on tables, desks, steering wheels, and when he forgets himself, the podium during history class. When he told his wife that he was joining Lucid Intervals and buying a drum set, she told him that was fine, just as long as he could play it through headphones. She had no idea what was coming.

George Nicholas | English | guitar and drums

George was born and raised in Alabama, the deepest part of the Deep South. Inspired by Hank Williams, Southern Rock, and British Invasion, he thinks there is nothing more pleasing than playing in a garage and annoying one’s neighbors. Trouble is, he has no neighbors. But having been an English department chair for a couple of decades, he knows he was put on earth to teach Shakespeare and Anglo-Saxon and Old Norse literature, and to play rhythm guitar—loudly and with much distortion.

 Clay Johnston | Marketing | voice and guitar

With his soaring voice, assured stage presence, and impeccably untucked shirt, Clay is the ideal front man for Lucid Intervals. His band mates are wowed not only by his melodious gifts, but by his amazingly full schedule. This Missouri native teaches marketing, co-owns a microbrewery and restaurant, fronts another band (the regional favorites Soca Jukebox), and still manages to spend time with his wife and children and maintain a full red beard.

Jean Rioux | Philosophy | guitar

Jean was born a heavy-metal Thomist. Weaned on Tony Iommi and the Angelic Doctor, his early life in Maine taught him above all else that he was located on the wrong coast. He rectified this situation only  when he matriculated at a small, liberal-arts college in sunny California. But a certain level of Catholic guilt—and Aristotelian logic—later forced him to live the rest of his life (so far) in Kansas, precisely halfway between his forsaken New England homeland and the Golden State that had drawn him in his impetuous, Scholastic youth. He does his daily penance to the strain of a slashing lead guitar, sounding over the cornfields of Atchison County, awakening his large family, and neighboring farm animals, to the sounds of Seventies hard rock.

James Young | Economics | bass guitar

Upright bass, electric bass… classical, jazz, rock, Celtic folk… James the economist is anything but economical in where he focuses his musical interests and talents. He has played in a variety of bands and orchestras here in Atchison, as well as in South Bend, Indiana. A Kansas native and college alumnus, James had a couple of band mates as professors “back in the day.” They were younger. So was he.